Best Apps to Spy on iPhone Without Installing Software In 2024

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With the advancement in technology, now the devices, especially IOS, are designed by keeping several security concerns ahead. Security and privacy are treated as a priority as they are the main concerns of the users nowadays. Besides every privacy policy, there’re numerous apps and ways that allow you to spy on an iPhone without installing any additional app on the device you desire to spy on.

Throughout this article, we’ll examine the best ways that you can use to spy on IOS devices in 2024. Let’s get ahead and look at them one by one.


What is a spy software?

Spy software is an application that monitors the activity of the other iPhone by just using their number. It works by becoming part of the iTunes account and tracks text, calls, and all other activities. Various software is used for this purpose, including MSPY EYEZY, FLEXISPY, Neat spy, and

Let’s discuss them all one by one and get through their pros and cons.

  1. MSPY

iPhone spying MSPY app is one of the most popular and featured apps used to spy on IOS phones in 2024. It is used to spy calls, text messages, Location, and mails on iPhone. Following are some pros and cons of this software.


  • It allows you to spy on the target iPhone without jailbreaking them.
  • MSPY tracks all the activities of the target phone.
  • It comes with user-friendly features so that anyone can operate it with ease.
  • It does not show up on the target iPhone so that you can access all information from your dashboard, including live Location and social media conversations.
  • You can also access the target iPhone’s all activities without even touching your phone if you know the iCloud login information of the target phone.


  • If two-step authentication is enabled, you can only access the target phone when you allow it to access from the target iPhone.
  • It’s all features are not free to use. You must purchase the version if you want to go premium.


Working of the MSPY software

Jailbreaking version of this software works on all the iPhones and starts as soon as you enter the target iPhone’s iCloud information. You only need to know the target’s phone number to start spying on their phone. It gets connected and tracks and manages their calls/call history, text messages, emails, activity over the internet, social media applications, calendar, and GPS location.

  1. EYEZY

It has become harder to keep up with your kids or partner with the ever-evolving technology. To lessen your worry, EYEZY is another excellent option to go for, especially if you’re looking for economic software to keep a check on another iPhone in 2024.


Using it, you can monitor a specific instrument no matter whether you two have the same agents or not.

  • It does not show up on the target phone while you’re spying on their iPhone.
  • It comes with an AI feature that alerts if the targeted person is doing something unusual or wrong. So, you don’t need to keep an eye on their phone’s activity through the software.
  • It is affordable as compared to other spying software apps with similar features.
  • EYEZY does not put its users’ data at risk. Rather it guarantees the complete privacy and security for data of your as well as of the targeted device.


  • You have to purchase it to access it’s all features, i.e., it does not offer any free version.


Working of the EYEZY software

The first step is to choose the membership that suits your needs. It is easy to install and set up and does not require prior knowledge. It starts showing you all the data, including their photos, media files, deleted files, incoming, outgoing calls, messages, and social media apps’ activity once you finish setting it up.


FLEXISPY is another trustworthy iPhone spying software in 2024. It allows you to check the targeted iPhone’s activities online and offline. The significant feature distinguishing it from other spying apps is giving you the targeted phone’s microphone. You can listen to the surroundings even when they haven’t activated them. Let’s have a deeper look at its pros and cons.


  • It gives you access to all the recorded calls on the targeted phone.
  • FLEXISPY comes with a feature of ‘ambient recording,’ which means you can listen to the real-time conversations of the targeted person anytime, anywhere.
  • Another great feature that this spying software offers is that it gives you control of the targeted device’s camera. Yes! That means you can capture photos and videos yourself without the owner knowing.
  • It also offers a refund policy.


  • FLEXISPY does not offer any free trial.
  • It is not as easy to set up as other spying software apps in 2024.

Working of the FLEXISPY software

You need few things to know before setting it up rightly. After purchasing plan, you can install it on your iPhone. As it can spy both android as well as IOS devices, so there are different procedures for that. You must know the basics of jailbreaking the device. If you don’t, you may contact their expert to do that for you (at an extra cost). Once started, it tracks all the calls, camera related activities, social apps chats, and more.

  1. Neatspy

With the robust tracking and spying features, Neatspy is another software that you can use to spy on an iPhone in 2024. It allows you to access the targeted phone’s data without them knowing. It is widely popular and is used by millions of people worldwide. Let’s discuss its pros and cons.


  • It is a web-based software application that allows remote access to the user using the targeted person’s iCloud information.
  • Neat spy offers a protected solution free of virus or malware attacks of third parties.
  • It has astringent privacy and security policy protecting your and the targeted phone’s data.
  • It offers economical plans that every person can afford easily.


  • It does not allow access to the targeted iPhone if it enables two-step verification.
  • It takes a little more effort than other similar apps to set up.

Working of the Neat spy Software

Cutting-edge technology of the neat spy software is worth the investment as it offers an easy track of the targeted phone. You can monitor incoming and outgoing calls, text messages, live Location, history, social media applications, and web browsing history once you enter iCloud’s login info correctly.


A multi-device tracker is another good option for conveniently tracking iPhone from your device. You can access the targeted phone’s location and movement anytime on your screen. A feature that distinguishes it from other iPhone spying software is that with, you can keep track of multiple devices simultaneously.


  • It only costs you once, and you can manage and monitor multiple devices.
  • It is the only spying software app compatible with various operating systems.
  • offers a free trial before you buy its subscription.
  • This software app allows you to spy on any device whether an android or an IOS.


  • It does not allow you to access all the targeted person’s iPhone information.

Working of the software

This quick spying software is easy to set up and start and allows you to access the targeted person’s iPhone data. You can access the calls and messages and the other phone activity by just using their phone number. It offers private access that guarantees the security of your device and the device you are spying on.

Frequently asked questions

Other than the features, pros, cons of the top-notch spying software apps, people ask other queries, which we are answered below.

How can I check my device’s compatibility with the spying software?

You can check the compatibility feature from the spying software’s description available on its site. However, the spying mentioned above software apps is compatible with IOS and Android devices.


Can you spy on an IOS phone using an android phone?

Yes! Either way works. You can track and spy on an android device using an IOS and vice versa. You can access all the information from the dashboard of that software regardless of the type of device.

Is spying legal?

Yes! As many parents are concerned about their children’s phone usage. So, such software development companies have made it easy now to keep check on iPhones using their spying software.

What if the iPhone is two-step authenticated?

If the phone or iPhone is two-step authenticated, you cannot spy on it using merely the spying software. You would need to accept the access once from the targeted phone before monitoring their information.

Which one is the best spy software to spy on an iPhone in 2024?

If you can buy a subscription to the EYEZY, it is recommended that you go for it as it is one of the dedicated software apps that allow you to access the targeted iPhone’s data securely.


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