uMobix – The Best New Parental Control Application for iOS and Android

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These days, kids have exceptional admittance to the web, data and individuals. This is incredible in numerous ways, however it likewise presents hazards for them.

As guardians, we have an obligation to secure them. What’s more gratitude to spy programming like uMobix, we have that control.

uMobix tells you precisely the thing they’re doing. It additionally permits you to get an unmistakable image of their lives by survey messages, call logs, GPS areas and the sky is the limit from there.

Today we’re investigating uMobix:

  • Similarity
  • Evaluating
  • Pros and Cons

Could it be said that you are prepared to begin? How about we make a plunge!


Fast information

  • ROOT required (Android)
  • JAILBREAK not required (iOS)

What is uMobix?

uMobix is a parental observing and control application that offers the simplest and most effective method for keeping awake to date.

It permits clients to screen all that their youngsters do on their cell phones. uMobix accomplishes this through its high level observing elements.

It is accessible for both Android and iOS gadgets. What’s more, the two stages have an assortment of highlights that separate them from the opposition.

Similarity with other spy apps

uMobix is viable with all Android and iOS gadgets. The two stages include plainly planned dashboards that are natural to utilize.

The table underneath shows the most minimal working framework forms right now upheld by uMobix:

Least working framework rendition

Least Android 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich)


NOTE While pulling is needed for target Android gadgets, no jailbreak is needed for iOS gadgets.

How does the uMobix application work?

uMobix is a parental control application that offers an entire scope of elements to screen day by day exercises on your kid’s gadget.

Once introduced on the objective gadget, the application runs undetectably behind the scenes. Simultaneously, it saves battery and different assets.

The application consistently gathers information, for example,

  • – Instant messages
  • – Instant messages; instant messages; keystroke logs
  • – Call logs and accounts
  • – Application action.
  • – GPS areas
  • – Photographs and recordings

Consistently, new data gathered from the objective gadget will be shipped off uMobix servers. Also it will be generally effectively available by means of the dashboard.

It is quite important that practically every type of effort on the objective gadget can be observed by means of the dashboard. Also, the uMobix dashboard is great for review itemized provides details regarding the objective’s movement.

Key elements of uMobix

In the same way as other spyware applications, uMobix has fundamental elements, for example, call checking. In any case, it likewise has a portion of the highlights recorded beneath:

  • – Call Recorder
  • – Keylogger
  • – SMS checking
  • – Call lumberjack, call following, call lumberjack, call lumberjack, call following, call following, call following, call following
  • – Program action following
  • – Address book
  • – Courier and social applications

In any case, you’ll likely see that a portion of the elements of uMobix work somewhat better.

Call following

call monitoring

The call following component of uMobix basically gathers a log of all approaching and active approaches the objective gadget. Sadly, in any case, it can’t record voice calls.

Clients can likewise see different information, for example,

  • – Guest ID
  • – Length of the call
  • – Timestamp

uMobix worked really hard of staying up with the latest, yet looking for explicit records was furious. The absence of an inquiry work incompletely added to this.

You can just leap to old sections utilizing the parchment buttons at the lower part of the call log. Luckily, the passages are recorded in sequential request. So new passages start things out.

Application exercises


With uMobix, you know progressively the thing a thing is doing on its gadget. For instance, when a thing opens WhatsApp, uMobix will monitor the time it was opened.

It will likewise follow the time the application is shut and work out the all out time. This permits you to perceive how long your kid spends before the screen.

In spite of the fact that application exercises in uMobix work accurately, a few clients might experience issues recognizing applications by their bundle name. It would be better in the event that uMobix utilized application symbols.




Numerous spyware applications guarantee to have keyloggers that work, however they don’t generally function as planned. Once in a while keystrokes are recorded part of the way through and afterward it closes.

The uMobix keylogger was very exact. The facts really confirm that some deficient passages were at times entered. In any case, by and large, the capacity to record keystrokes was agreeable.

It could record each keystroke on the objective gadget. This was likewise valid for the information replicated to the clipboard. This way you could recover passwords and different qualifications.

With a component like this present, there’s very little a child can do to conceal it on their telephone. Assuming you empower the notice, you will likewise get data pretty much movements of every kind on the objective gadget.

SMS following

SMS following is a convenient component for checking your youngsters. It assists guardians with recognizing their kids’ correspondence designs dependent on the themes they talk about. What’s more uMobix tracks instant messages.

The instant message following component in uMobix permits guardians to

  • – Peruse instant messages sent and got
  • – Recover erased instant messages.

It likewise gives data about the source, for example name or telephone number, if not in the location book. This data is introduced as a rundown.

In spite of the fact that uMobix bunches instant messages into discussions, exploring the discussions and messages is marginally unique here. At the point when you click on a discussion, uMobix opens a page of messages related uniquely to that discussion.

A legitimate portrayal of the discussion would be great. Yet, we additionally worked effectively with the rundown view. A great many people presumably will not see it.

Once more, there is no inquiry work, however the messages are recorded in sequential request. So you can in any case utilize the paging to get to the articles you need.


GPS area

The uMobix cell phone finder has many highlights to assist you with guarding your youngster consistently. You can see where your kid is on your dashboard:

  • – current area on a guide
  • – your present area – your present area in the guide – your present area in the guide – your present area in the guide
  • – Address history
  • – GPS organizes

As every one of the spots your kid has visited are displayed on the guide, you can likewise follow your kid’s developments. uMobix interfaces all areas to show developments obviously.

Also, you can get nitty gritty data about every area. At the point when you click on a point, uMobix shows a timestamp and a connection to a Google map.

The timestamp tells you when the objective individual visited the area. Then again, a connection to a Google map is valuable to show the point utilizing Google Maps.

You can utilize this data to check whether your youngster is at the everyday schedule for a stroll with companions. Yet, you can’t do much on the guide in light of the fact that there are no inherent highlights.

We likewise trusted that uMobix would have a geo-fencing highlight, as this is well known in other covert agent applications. In any case, possibly this will be remembered for future updates.

GPS following is just accessible on Android and iOS.

Perusing history following

The uMobix web following component is vital for guardians. Not just on the grounds that they can see their youngsters’ perusing history, yet in addition since they can ensure them.

By checking the sites they visit, guardians can more readily shield their kids from digital crooks and menaces. uMobix web checking works in various ways.

Not at all like other parental control applications, it takes screen captures of the client’s activities in the program. This way you see substantially more than the name and URL of a site.

Nonetheless, not all of this data winds up in the program history. All things being equal, it shows up in the “Program” segment and uMobix even enlightens you regarding the program that was utilized.

uMobix’s “program history” didn’t function as expected for us. Yet, you can see the objective client’s set of experiences from here:

– Program history

– Remote perusing history

– Timestamps for site visits.

The application gathers, investigates and reports all perusing history on the objective gadget. It likewise upholds the most famous programs like Chrome, Firefox and Safari.

Address book

Getting to your kid’s contact rundown may not appear to be nothing to joke about. Nonetheless, in a crisis, it could save his life.

uMobix gives admittance to the whole location book of the objective gadget. All contact data, for example, photograph, name, telephone number and nation of home, is accessible on the dashboard.

Since uMobix stores all information on the web, you can likewise see erased contacts. This is on the grounds that they are as of now put away in your record information.

Checking social applications

Kids are investing more energy than any time in recent memory on interpersonal organizations and informing applications. That is the reason parents must realize what they’re doing.

uMobix knows this, which is the reason uMobix has an amazing web-based media application observing element. Best of all, you can screen movement on all applications without root advantages.

They support famous informing applications like:

  • – WhatsApp
  • – Courier
  • – Courier Messenger, Facebook
  • – Courier Messenger Messenger
  • – Wire
  • – WeChat
  • – Skype
  • – Kindling
  • – TikTok

Nonetheless, we were more intrigued by Facebook, in light of the fact that uMobix has a fascinating element here as well.

First off, uMobix makes screen captures of moves on long range informal communication applications. This implies that uMobix takes a full screen capture when an objective gathering visits an application like WhatsApp.

It’s exactly the same thing with one special case. iOS clients have full command over their kids’ Facebook account. This is the sort of thing we thought was exceptional to uMobix.

On Android, screen captures are additionally exceptionally valuable and you can get a ton of target information. This is on the grounds that uMobix takes a screen capture each 5-6 seconds.

This way you don’t miss any detail, regardless of whether you have full control of the objective gathering’s Facebook account.

We additionally enjoyed how clear the dashboard is contrasted with other applications. Everything is not difficult to peruse and you can choose in excess of 10 sections immediately.


Instagram is extremely famous with youngsters nowadays. Guardians ought to approach this stage to keep kids from doing senseless things.

This could be basically posting unequivocal material or profane articulations. Guardians can likewise shield their youngsters from sexual stalkers and different guilty parties.

Here you can likewise see a few Instagram accounts. Furthermore profiles and DMs are just a large portion of the story.

You can oversee your youngster’s Instagram account on iOS. That way you know what they are doing progressively.

Android clients, nonetheless, can just see screen captures of their children’s activities on the application.


TikTok was one of the most famous diversion applications of 2020, such countless children have TikTok accounts and are exceptionally dynamic on the stage.

uMobix permits guardians to see their youngsters’ exercises on TikTok. Along these lines, they can keep kids from burning-through or posting unseemly substance.

Guardians can:

  • – Peruse texts.
  • – See what their youngsters are posting.
  • – Screen likes and remarks.

This component isn’t upheld on iOS gadgets planned for a particular crowd.

uMobix’s costs are somewhat like those of its rivals. Nonetheless, the yearly membership is the most profitable, as clients save a lot of cash.

How Much Does uMobix Cost Monthly?

uMobix offers basic and full subscription plans for its users. They are priced as follows:

Android Pricing

iOS Pricing

Note: Basic does exclude perusing history, bookmarks, keyloggers, informal organizations or couriers.

Establishment and arrangement of uMobix [w/steps].

Not at all like a few contenders, uMobix has worked really hard of aiding guardians through each progression of the establishment cycle.

Later buy, you will get itemized establishment directions in a welcome email.

uMobix can be introduced and set up in three basic advances:

  • – Stage 1: Create a record and select a membership plan.
  • – Stage 2: Install uMobix on your objective gadget (Android)/enter your iCloud qualifications (iOS).
  • – Stage 3: Log in to your record and track your information.

Nonetheless, we have fostered our own straightforward bit by bit process that we have accomplished for both working frameworks.

Introducing uMobix on Android

When introducing uMobix on an Android gadget, you should follow 5 essential advances. These include:

  • – Stage 1: Create a free record and select a membership.
  • – Stage 2: Prepare the objective gadget to introduce uMobix.
  • – Stage 3: Download and introduce uMobix on the objective gadget.
  • – Stage 4: Make the vital settings on the objective telephone
  • – Stage 5: Check settings and begin observing


  • – Actual admittance to the objective gadget
  • – Legitimate uMobix membership
  • – Web access on the objective gadget

Stage 1: Register a free record and select a membership

Before you can begin checking your objective gadget, you really want an uMobix account and a substantial membership plan. Luckily, this is a basic and clear interaction.

  1. Go to the uMobix site and snap “TEST NOW”. Register your record with a substantial email address and secret key of your decision.
  2. uMobix will likewise request that you select a membership plan in the information exchange guide. Ensure you select the Android membership plan.

3 You will then, at that point, get an email with complete directions on the best way to set up uMobix on your gadget.

Stage 2: Prepare the objective gadget for establishment.

For the establishment to go without a hitch, you’ll need to change a few settings on the objective gadget. Above all, the Google Play Store.

The accompanying portrays how to continue for this situation:

1 On the objective gadget, observe the Play Store application and tap it to open it. You will think that it is in the application cabinet. 2.

2 Once the Play Store is dispatched, tap the cheeseburger menu in the upper passed on corner to open the route.

  1. In the menu, select Playback Protection, then, at that point, go to Settings by tapping the stuff symbol at the upper right of the screen.
  2. Ensure the two choices are wound down in the Playback Protection settings, i.e:

Examine applications with Play Protect – Disabled.
Upgraded malignant application discovery – Disabled.

Stage 3: Download and introduce uMobix on the objective gadget.

uMobix should be introduced on the objective gadget where all data is gathered. In any case, there are a couple of things to know about during the interaction.

Adhere to the directions beneath to introduce uMobix on the objective gadget:

  1. 1. Open an internet browser, for example Google Chrome, on the objective telephone and empower the in secret component.
  2. Duplicate the download interface from the uMobix toolbar to the location bar and press Enter. This will download the uMobix APK document to the objective gadget.

3 Click to open the downloaded APK document and snap Install, then, at that point, trust that the cycle will finish.

4 Once uMobix is introduced, click the “Open” button to dispatch the application.

Stage 4: Complete the establishment wizard on the objective telephone.

Presently uMobix is introduced on the objective gadget, yet you actually need to finish the establishment. This will give it the important authorizations to work.

Step by step instructions to get everything rolling.

1 On the principal uMobix screen, click “Concur and Continue” to acknowledge the EULA and Terms of Use prior to continuing with the establishment.

When you acknowledge the EULA, uMobix will provoke you to empower the keylogger. Click on “Empower keylogger observing” to open the accessibility menu.

  1. Click “Client Accounts” in the “Get Services” segment and empower the switch on the “Client Accounts” page. Click “Alright” in the spring up window that seems to give uMobix admittance to screen movement on the objective gadget.
  2. Once the keylogger is empowered, uMobix will inquire as to whether you need to continue with the programmed arrangement. You can sit tight for as far as possible to lapse or tap on the manual setting as we did.
  3. Then, uMobix will request the vital access authorizations. Award access by tapping on the Grant consents choice. You would then be able to tap the Grant button for every consent mentioned in the spring up window.

6  On the following screen, click “Further develop Stability” and afterward click “Permit” in the spring up window that shows up. This will guarantee that uMobix moves along as planned behind the scenes.

At the point when the strength settings for uMobix are finished, click “Forestall evacuation” and select “Empower the administrator application for this gadget”. This will permit uMobix to run different applications without meddling with its activity.

  1. On the following arrangement screen, click “Empower Screen Recording” and select “Stop Display” and afterward click “Start Now”. This will permit uMobix to furnish you with screen captures from your Android gadget.

Stage 5: Check the establishment and begin observing.

This is the last advance of the establishment cycle. Here you can decide to show or conceal the uMobix application symbol on the objective gadget.

Utilize the code you got when setting up the parent gadget and snap the “Complete Enrollment” button. The establishment of uMobix is presently finished!


Introduce uMobix on iOS

Introducing uMobix on iOS is more straightforward than on Android, where actual admittance to the gadget is required. This is on the grounds that here you just need the iCloud certifications.

Luckily, assuming you have iCloud qualifications for your objective gadget, no jailbreak is required.

Note: Make sure two-factor verification is impaired on your iOS gadget:

  • – Admittance to the OTP sent by Apple requires actual admittance to the gadget.
  • – The client will likewise get a notice that somebody is attempting to get to iCloud information.


  • – iCloud qualifications for the objective iOS gadget.
  • – uMobix record and membership

Stage 1: Create a record and select a membership plan.

Before you can begin following your iOS gadget, you should make a free record and select a membership plan. Utilize your email address and secret word to sign in. These are your login accreditations for the Dashboard.

Stage 2: Enter your iCloud accreditations.

Enter the iCloud accreditations for your iOS gadget into your client account. Dissimilar to Android, no actual admittance to the gadget is required.

In any case, if two-factor validation is empowered on the objective iOS gadget, you should affirm the code sent by Apple.

Stage 3: Sign in to your record and begin following

Whenever you’ve finished the arrangement, go to your dashboard and trust that the information will come in. This can require a couple of moments or hours assuming the objective gadget doesn’t have web access.

When the information shows up, you can get to all your photographs, recordings, contacts, reports, and more from your iCloud account in your client region.

Upsides and downsides


  • -Generally reasonable cost
  • – Clean and easy to use interface
  • – No root/escape required
  • – Untraceable
  • – Quick information synchronization
  • – Simple to utilize
  • – Shows application use continuously
  • – Full admittance to Instagram and Facebook


  • – Requires an iCloud represent iOS
  • – No geo-fencing
  • – A few elements are just accessible for iOS


Would i be able to introduce uMobix from a distance?

Far off customization is workable for iOS gadgets. You should simply enter the iCloud qualifications of the objective gadget.

Android clients, in any case, should truly get to the objective gadget once each. This is on the grounds that you really want to give it certain necessary authorizations.

How regularly is the objective gadget data refreshed?

As indicated by uMobix, the information on Android gadgets is refreshed of course like clockwork. Nonetheless, you can change the spans as per your inclinations.

Nonetheless, it relies upon your cell phone settings and your web association. The update recurrence for iOS shifts incredibly as it relies upon the presentation of the reinforcement.

What number of gadgets would i be able to screen?

On Android, you can screen one gadget for each membership. With uMobix, in any case, you can eliminate and associate however many gadgets as you need.

The catch is that you can just do this with each gadget in turn. In this manner, you should buy in for every gadget you need to screen.

Would i be able to follow my iPhone without an Apple ID or secret phrase?

That would be incredible, however tragically today’s unrealistic. Everything you can manage is figure out how to get to the iPhone you need to follow.

The arrangement interaction is straightforward in the event that you have it. It likewise just requires a couple of moments to have the necessary data and for uMobix to begin following the objective gadget.

Is the uMobix symbol apparent on Android later establishment?

When uMobix is introduced on an Android gadget, the symbol can stay apparent. Notwithstanding, you can eliminate it from the application cabinet during establishment.

On iOS gadgets, there is no symbol in the menu. This is on the grounds that no actual establishment is needed for establishment.


uMobix is great for Android and iOS gadgets. It offers great parental control includes that are elusive in other government agent programs.

Also, uMobix has put a solid accentuation on the ease of use of its dashboard. This was apparent in the manner every module was coordinated.

For our purposes, it is one of the most reasonable covert agent applications for Android and iOS in 2021. In any case, most importantly, it lived up to our assumptions.

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