How to Track Someone on Facebook with a Facebook Spy App

How to Track Someone on Facebook with a Facebook Spy App

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Living in the age of social media, often, it becomes a challenge for us to keep up with the lives of our loved ones. From your basic Facebook and Twitter to more specialized and purpose-built Tinder and Snapchat, there is a diverse variety of social media apps that people use on a daily basis. And many times you’ve no idea what they’re up to and who they’re friends with.

Usually, you trust your loved ones to use these social media apps responsibly without letting it turn into an addiction, but there are situations when people around you start using a certain app way more than usual. And due to strict privacy options, you get blocked out of what’s going on in their digital lives. Being the most used social media app, Facebook is often the culprit.

In a survey about social media platforms used in Australia in 2020, 90 percent of millennial respondents said they used Facebook. Interestingly, the only social media platform that had users across all generations was YouTube; millennials and generation Z provided its highest user base with 88 and 91 percent of respondents saying they used the platform. 

When You Need a Facebook Spy App?

In normal circumstances, it’s definitely not a good idea to attempt to snoop on anyone. However, if you have a loved one who has been spending an abnormal amount of time on Facebook, there might be something going on that you should know about. There are times when people are behaving in an unusual manner and you wonder how to spy on Facebook messenger chat or track their activity.


Here are a few situations when you might need a Facebook tracker app:

  • Your Child Is in Trouble

If you find your kid using Facebook all the time and they’re not being themselves, they might be in some sort of a situation you should know about. Young minds are impressionable and they could be easily lured into relationships that are not healthy. As a parent, you not only need to be aware of any such situation but it’s your responsibility to find out and ensure your child doesn’t get subjected to any emotional, or worse physical, harm.

Apart from that, many children today have to endure cyberbullying, and your child may be a victim of that. These types of situations warrant immediate action on your part as a guardian.

  • Your Spouse Might Be Cheating

This is another unfortunate situation that many partners have to deal with, and there’s no choice but to use a Facebook Messenger spy app. Your better half might be spending way too much time on Facebook chatting up with someone they found on the social network. There are even dedicated secret groups on Facebook that facilitate cheating by helping committed partners find another person they could hook up with.

If your boyfriend or wife is on Facebook all the time and being sneaky about it, there’s a strong possibility they’re into someone else and don’t want you to know about it. You simply can’t let this situation continue and have to find a way to intervene.

  • Employees Procrastinating & Wasting Time

If you are an entrepreneur or running a company, you need to keep an eye on what your employees are doing. You can’t be there all the time and it’s normal for employees to waste time on social media apps. If you use a Facebook spy app to track their activity, you would be surprised to find out how much time they spend scrolling through their timeline, reacting to posts, sharing, updating statuses, and chatting with their friends.

Obviously, you can’t expect them to account for every second, but if they’re spending hours on Facebook, you need to know about it because that’s a financial loss for your business that you simply can’t sustain.

Social media apps like Facebook are often an outlet for people to be themselves, and they tend to be more vulnerable there. If your loved one, may it be a child or a spouse, has fallen into any such trap, you’re responsible for taking a prompt action. Children have gotten themselves into bad, even illegal, situations due to their unhealthy consumption of Facebook and other social media apps.

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What Can a Facebook Tracker App Do?

While the term is quite self-explanatory, you need to understand what a Facebook profile spy app is potentially capable of. While there are tons of features that offer discreet operation, convenience, and user-friendly interface, the biggest advantage of having a Facebook spy app is regaining your peace of mind.

Whatever it is that’s troubling you about your loved one, it can take a toll on you. You might feel anxiety, depression, and even sleep may elude you as suspicions and concerns keep you awake thinking about the what-ifs. An app that helps you in spying on Facebook is all about eliminating those what-ifs and equipping you with the knowledge that gives you closure.

You would finally know whether your concerns were just that, or you need to take certain actions to make things right for your loved one and yourself. That’s why we’ve gathered detailed information about some of the best Facebook spy apps you can find on both Playstore (Android) and App Store (iOS).


Best Facebook Spy App – mSpy

Although there are many good Facebook spy apps on the market, in terms of affordability, performance, reliability, security, and convenience, the absolute best is mSpy. It gets the job done for you, ensuring that you get what you were looking for. Some of the app highlights include the following:

User-Friendly Interface

One of the best features of mSpy is how easy it is to install and use. Developers of the app understand that not everyone is technologically educated, and they’ve made it quite straightforward to deploy it on the target phone. The overall process takes less than five minutes, and doesn’t require any jailbreak or rooting of the device.

If your target device is an Apple phone or tablet, you don’t even need physical possession of it. All that’s required is user’s iCloud credentials, and you’d be done with it in a matter of minutes. On the other hand, for Android, you do need to access the device but the installation will be over within minutes. There won’t be any traces of the app on the target phone to raise any suspicions.

Remotely Monitor Activity through Control Panel

Once you’ve set up the mSpy app, you won’t need to access the target device in any way. Developers give you an online portal, which you can sign in to using your browser and see all the activity through it.


Monitor Facebook & Other Activity

Although you might only be wondering how to track someone on Facebook through mSpy, the app provides many other features that can help you understand the behavior of your loved one. Here’s what you’ll have access to through your personal control panel:

  • All the text messages that are being sent, received, and even those that have been deleted
  • A complete record of outgoing and incoming calls with caller information, timestamps, and duration
  • A comprehensive report of all the GPS routes, places, and locations your loved one has been to
  • Ability to monitor all social media activity on the phone, including Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Instagram
  • Complete web browser history and online activity of your loved one along with timestamps and bookmarks
  • Records of all the media that’s being stored, shared, downloaded or received
  • Access to all the information related to emails, calendar, Wi-Fi networks, contacts, and installed apps
  • Compatibility with all types of Android and iOS devices, including Samsung Galaxy smartphones and iPhones

Round the Clock Customer Support

The app is designed to be user-friendly but all of us can run into issues where we don’t know how to move forward. Or we may have some questions or concerns that only the developers of the app would have answers to. This is exactly why mSpy offers exceptional 24/7 customer support that you can reach out to get your required answers and concerns addressed.

The company understands that it’s not just the information you’re after, but peace of mind as well. And their round the clock service availability is a testament to that fact. You can use a variety of channels to contact the customer support, including email, live chat, and paid phone support.

Quick Updates & Secure Storage

The Facebook spy app updates the data every five minutes to ensure you always have access to the most recent information and activity. There could be a moment when you need to act promptly, especially if it’s about your child and mSpy will help you with that.

Moreover, when you’re trying to use a spy app, it is logical to be concerned about the privacy of the information you’re trying to get. It’s one thing to seek personal information regarding your loved one out of concern, but you simply can’t be careless about it. Thankfully, mSpy has deployed industry-leading security standards, so the information is only accessible to you and nobody else. Even the developers themselves can’t look at the personal data of your loved one.

Pricing Plans According to Your Budget

Not all people have similar needs. Some people just need access to the most basic information and can be satisfied with the free version. However, some may require access to in-depth online activity and for that, mSpy offers a multitude of plans you can choose from. This means people pay only for what they need.

For instance, if you don’t have any need for advanced features, you can get a cheaper version. Tons of features are not forced onto you by bundling them into a higher price tag for corporate profiteering.

Other Facebook Messenger Tracker & Spy Apps


Spyic – It is another leading Facebook spy app that allows you to see online activity and Messenger chats. Apart from that, you can view sent, received, and deleted texts along with outgoing and incoming calls. The app is secure and doesn’t need physical access to the device for installation for iOS deployment. For Android, you will need physical possession.

However, there’s no free version of this spy app and the basic plan starts at $39.99 which goes up to $69.99 for a family bundle.


Cocospy – If you’re looking for ease of use and affordability, then Cocospy might be an option for you. It’s not as feature rich as mSpy or Spyic, but will get the basic job done. You can get access to all the basic features like viewing sent and received messages on Facebook Messenger, shared and stored media and information regarding incoming and outgoing calls.

You don’t need to jailbreak or root the device in order to deploy the app and it comes with remote monitoring. That being said, you can’t control the app through remote commands.

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Final Word

If you are in a situation where you are clearly noticing your child, spouse, or a loved one acting strange or distant and spending too much time on Facebook, as a guardian or a partner, you need to find out what the problem is. Timely access to the crucial information related to your loved one’s digital lives will allow you take immediate action and may save your loved one or yourself from potential emotional and even physical harm.

But if you’re having trouble getting the required information from the people you’re concerned about, then you need to rely on a trustworthy Facebook spy app to get the job done. Amongst all the apps that are available on the online marketplace, mSpy comes out on top in terms of the perfect balance of price, performance, and reliability. It keeps the information safe and secure while providing you remote access to ensure you’re equipped with the information you need for your peace of mind.


We’ve created this guide after contacting support representatives of various monitoring apps and interviewing psychiatrists to gather factually correct information on the most commonly asked questions about cheating.

  1. Does every Facebook spy and monitoring app work remotely?

Not all, but majority of the spying apps, including mSpy, support remote monitoring. It allows the user to see recent activity on the target device from anywhere, at any time, and on any device.

  1. Do I need physical possession or permission of the target device user?

Short answer is no. Most of the monitoring apps can be installed remotely or need one-time possession of the device for a limited time. Once you’ve installed the app, you no longer need the target device for anything as you can monitor or even uninstall the app remotely.

  1. Is using Facebook spy and monitoring app legal?

Most of these monitoring apps are developed taking legal framework and regional regulations into consideration. That’s why some of the apps put age and functionality restrictions in place.

  1. What is geofencing and what is its importance?

Geofencing is a technology that relies on the GPS system of the phone allowing social media apps to trigger a response when the device enters a certain area. This is how all social media apps are able to tell where you’ve checked in with your friends.

  1. Is it difficult to install Facebook spy and monitoring apps?

Not at all. The process is user-friendly and takes little to no time. For iPhones, you only need iCloud credentials of the target device and for Android phones, you need access to the target device for barely five minutes to install the app. The icon of the spy app doesn’t appear on the target device.

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