How to Hack Someones Snapchat | Works without Password

How to Hack Someones Snapchat | Works without Password

Last updated on 15 april 2023 by CellSpyAustralia

Snapchat is a fun messaging service that enables you to share your moments with friends and family. It’s one of the most secure apps out there, so it’s no surprise developers work hard at making sure users are safe when they log into someone else’s account!

There are many ways to log into someone else’s Snapchat account. You can use a phone number or email address, but it is important that you know the correct password for both of these pieces if information before trying anything else!

In a survey about social media platforms used in Australia in 2020, 90 percent of millennial respondents said they used Facebook. Interestingly, the only social media platform that had users across all generations was YouTube; millennials and generation Z provided its highest user base with 88 and 91 percent of respondents saying they used the platform.

There are many ways to monitor someone’s Snapchat activity. One way is with a hacking app that has been made for the purpose of surveillance on your target phone, and these applications will give you real-time updates about what they’re doing!

How to hack someone’s Snapchat application without them knowing using mSpy

mSpy is an easy-to use phone tracker app that enables you to monitor someone’s activity remotely with no hassle. You can easily view all the messages on their smartphone, and even track its GPS location!

To hack someone’s Snapchat account, you need to install an app on their phone called “mspy.” With this tool in hand and by following these steps closely (step 1-3), any person can be compromised within minutes of opening it.

The easiest way to hack someone’s Snapchat account is by using the mSpy app. The following steps will show you how easy it really can be!

Step 1) In your browser,


hack Snapchat

Step 2) Enter the Login name and password.

Then click on the “Sign In” button.

Step 3) In the next step,

1) Select Language as English

2) Press the Confirm button

Step 4) In the next window,

Press the “Get Started” button.

Step 5) You will get two options 1) Android and 2) Apple, iOS.

Here we have selected Android.

Step 6) Ensure that you have full access to the device you want to spy. By full access, mSpy means you need “physical” access to the phone

  • Select “Yes”
  • Select the “Proceed” button.

Step 7) Here, you get many options of different device manufacturers like 1) Samsung, 2) Huawei, 3) Xiaomi, 4) Moto, 5) Google Pixel, 6) LG, 7) any other manufacturers.

We have selected Samsung. Press “Proceed,”

Step 8) In the next windows, select Android Version. You can find the Android version below given method.

How to find the Android version:

  1. First, go to the home screen and swipe up to open the menu
  2. Search for and tap the Settings icon
  3. Tap on the About phone option
  4. Click on the Software information
  5. Search the Android version and select the above number

Step 9) You need to disable PlayProtect. On the device that you like to monitor.

How to disable PlayProtect:

  1. Visit the Play Store
  2. Tap on the three icons in the top left corner of the profile icon in the top right
  3. Search for and tap on Play Protect
  4. Tap on the Settings icon available in the top right corner
  5. Disable Scan apps with Play Protect and tap Turn it off

Step 10) Open the Browser on your target device.

  1. Goto
  2. Draw the Captcha
  3. Click on the “Download” Button
  4. Press OK to ignore the warning

Step 11) Once downloaded, Open the APK.

Click Allow from this source option.

Step 12) You can see, your mSpy will open. Then you can continue with the configuration process.

Step 13) Allow sometime (3-4 hours) for mSpy to record activity and send to server. It will also depend on internet speed of target device.

You should login your mSpy dashboard on the web. In this windows, you can see Most Messaging Contacts, Most Calling Contacts, Most Visited Websites, etc., details of the person you want to spy on.

Step 14) In the next window, click on the Snapchat option.

You can see the Snapchat activities of that person.

Step 15) Now select the chat option.

You can see that there are two chat histories visible on your screen.

Step 16) Then select the search history of Franky’s chat on the right side of your screen. You can see images and chats details of Franky.

Step 17) To see the complete contact list of that person on Snapchat.

You can select the contact option.

Alternate tools to Hack into Snapchat

Here are the alternate tools that a Snapchat hacker can easily use to log into someone’s Snapchat:

1. uMobix


The uMobix app is the best way to discreetly view your partner’s Snapchat messages and recordings. It lets you log into their account with a password or email, so all of those juicy details are right in front on screen for easy access! You can also monitor call history- though not very likely since they’ll be able see what button was pressed if there was an incoming phone call while recording audio (but no visual). The tracking feature will show where this person has been during certain times like location data via GPS sensors as well as social media sites that have been visited recently– useful information when trying figure out whether he/she might’ve gone camping without telling anyone else about plans

2. ClevGuard


If you’re worried about your loved ones, ClevGuard can help! This service enables users to track their online activity remotely without any hassle. The application allows for quick access of files on the phone from anywhere and sets up geofences so that they will be alerted when someone enters or leaves it’s boundaries – making sure there isn’t anything hidden behind closed doors while we tend our daily lives outside them

How can a Snapchat hacker see someone’s best friends on a messaging application?

To see someone’s best friends on Snapchat, you can look at the person with face emoji to their name. However this is not a proper way of doing so and there are two other methods that hackers use for accessing accounts; one being through using tools which will let us get into yours easily or second option would be asking them permission since most people may allow any request made by another user if they like him/her enough already!

⚡ How can you hack someone’s “My Eyes Only”?

My Eyes Only is a secret folder on Snapchat that allows you to save personal stories and photos. Here, your favorite images can be stored in “Memories” but they will only appear when the user enters their passcode into this locked section of their account after logging out or changing devices.

This way we’re able access all memories without worrying about someone hacking us!

🚀 How Do Snapchat Hacking Tools Work?

Snapchat hacking apps are a great way to access other people’s messaging accounts. These tools generally need physical access as well, but they’ll get you all sorts of information like media files and chat logs that can help with your investigation process!

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