10 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android Undetectable [2022 LIST]

10 Best Hidden Spy Apps For Android Undetectable [2022 LIST]

Last updated on 16 june 2022 by CellSpyAustralia

Are you searching for the best Hidden Spy Apps for Android? Which Undetectable Spyware apps for Android smartphones should you choose? This article will help!

Keep reading to find out about the best options.

There are many different types of apps that can be installed on your child’s phone to help you monitor their activities. The best spy application will let you record everything they do, see what kindles them into reading or playing games while keeping an eye out for any suspicious behavior patterns in order make sure nothing gets by us unnoticed!

Here, we will take a look at the top spy apps for Android devices. You’ll learn about their features and other aspects so you can pick out which one is best suited to meet your needs!

Fact Check: The market size of smartphone tracking devices is expected to reach 2.9 billion by 2023. The market is projected to grow at 12.91 percent CAGR.


Hidden Spy Apps For Android Smartphones

Frequently Asked Questions

Q #1) Do spy apps really work?

Answer: Spy apps are the best way to keep an eye on your children or employees phone activity. The app will give you physical access so that you can monitor what they’re doing without them knowing!

Q #2) Can I remotely install spyware on a cell phone?

Answer: No. Spyware cannot be installed remotely on your smartphone. You need to access the target device and download an app that will allow for this type of installation, which is only possible if you have physical access or are near it in person!

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Q #3) Are spy apps illegal?

Answer: Installing a spy app on someone else’s phone without their permission is not legal. But if you get express consent from that person, it’s okay!
The jail time can vary depending upon where they live but usually ranges between 1-year sentences for felony crimes like this one in America

Q #4) Can you go to jail for looking through someone’s phone?

Answer: Under US Federal law, you may not view a communication on someone else’s device without their permission. Snooping through your spouse’s phone will result in charges that could lead to jail time and huge fines!

Q #5) What app can detect spyware?

Answer: Of course, there are some apps out in the market right now that can detect if you have a spyware app installed on your phone. However for an additional fee to protect yourself from these types of programs-you’ll need anti virus software too!

Our TOP Picks:





• Works in the background
• Screen recording
• Can monitor even deleted messages

• WhatsApp Spy
• SMS Spy
• Call Log Spy

• Keylogger
• Monitor social media messages
• Track GPS location

• Screen Recorder
• GPS Tracker
• Keylogger

Price: $11/month
Trial version: Available

Price: $9.99/Month
Trial version: NA

Price: Reasonable
Trial version: Available

Price: $9.99 per year
Trial version: Available

List of the Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android

Here is a list of popular spy apps for android undetectable:

  1. mSpy
  2. Cocospy
  3. uMobix
  4. Hoverwatch
  5. eyeZy
  6. ClevGuard
  7. XNSPY
  8. FlexiSPY
  9. pcTattetale
  10. TheOneSpy
  11. Spyine
  12. TheWiSpy
  13. iKeyMonitor

mSpy – Best for monitoring chats, photos, videos, and location of android and iOS smartphones.


Price: $11.66 with an annual subscription

The mSpy app is designed to give you a complete picture of your target’s digital world, with advanced GPS tracking and detailed call monitoring. You’ll know where they are at all times as well as who calls them or messages them on social media platforms like Facebook Messenger!

mSpy has been built around the idea that knowing is always better than hoping. With features to make your life easier, it will give you a clear picture of their digital world with advanced GPS tracking so we know where they are at all times and detailed call monitoring which lets us see who’s contacting them as well as those contacted by way of social media monitorings including Facebook Messenger , Instagram Snapchat.


  • Check installed apps
  • Monitor calendar, notes, photos, and videos
  • Check contacts, calls, social media, and text chats
  • Restrict incoming calls
  • Keystroke monitoring

Verdict: The mSpy app is a great way to remotely monitor your kids’ activities on their smartphone without them knowing. With loads of features at low prices, this tool offers excellent value for money!


  • $11.66 to $69.99 per month
  • Trial: No | 14-day money-back guarantee

Just install this app on someone target device for total insight into spy metrics plus every other kind imaginable !


#2) Cocospy

Cocospy – Best for Parental Controls and Remote Surveillance.


With the Cocospy app, you can monitor your target phone or tablet remotely without them knowing. It comes with tons of features to keep track on locations messages calls apps – even when they’re not open! To get started all that’s needed are three simple steps; create an account through our website enter download code provided upon verification then log into dashboard where monitoring will begin automatically

The Cocospy app is an easy-to use remote surveillance tool that allows you to monitor your target phone or tablet remotely. With tons of features, one we really like the most it’s their Geo fence feature which creating zones on our map for specific events and then sending alerts if something happens within those boundaries!

You are instantly notified by Cocospy when a target device leaves or enters that marked zone.


  • Social Media Application Tracking
  • Call and Text Messages Monitoring
  • Keylogger
  • Geo-fence
  • Monitor Browser History

Verdict: Cocospy offers a ton of incredible features that make cell phone tracking easy and feasible. Its geo-fence, keylogger, social media monitoring capabilities alone make it one the best spyware applications around today for parents who want to keep tabs on their child’s activity both online or offline!

Price: 1 month pack – $49.99, 3 month pack – $27.99, 12 month pack – $11.66

#3) uMobix

uMobix – Best for remote streaming of audio and video to monitor your child’s activities away from home.


Umobix is a great app for parents who want to monitor their children’s phone usage. The software can be installed on dozens of devices, including tablets and smartphones; it also allows you listen in on calls or read messages without them knowing! There are features like restricted access websites & public Wi-Fi connections as well as blocking apps which will help protect your kids from potential harm online–all while keeping track what exactly they’re doing at all times with this monitoring service


  • Video monitoring
  • Monitor and restrict apps and contacts
  • Social media chat monitoring
  • Sim card change notification
  • GPS location

Verdict: uMobix is an excellent spyware app that lets you not just monitor screen activities but also monitor them through remote audio and video streaming.


  • $14.99 to $29.99 per month


#4) Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch – Best for Full-Featured Invisible Android Tracker.


Hoverwatch has been called “the most invisible app” because it’s so easy to use and doesn’t show any signs that you’re using an application on your phone. With three simple steps, this software will be installed onto the target device – no matter what operating system or version of Google Play Store they have!

Hoverwatch gives you the ability to record every single incoming and outgoing call, as well as monitor all sent SMS messages. The app also has a superior geo-location feature that allows for tracking even if a user replaces their SIM card!


  • Record and Track Messages and Calls
  • Track Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, and Viber
  • Geo-Location Tracking
  • Front Camera Photo Tracker
  • Track Complete Internet History

Verdict: Keep an eye on your spy-target with Hoverwatch – it’s got more than 40 features! You can track their location in real time and monitor all of the devices activity.

Plus, there is absolutely no way for a user to know that they are being spied upon with Hoverwatch as it stays hidden while operating in the background.

Price: 1 month pack – $49.99, 3 month pack – $27.99, 12 month pack – $11.66

#5) eyeZy

eyeZy – Best for Feature-heavy cell phone spying apps for Parents and Employers.

Easy start with Eyezy

EyeZy is a popular cell phone spying app that will serve you well, regardless of whether your target device is an Android or iOS-powered smartphone. Eyezy’s smart AI driven system alerts users when activity occurs on the specified gadget; this saves them from having to sit in front seat 24/7 while monitoring their loved ones’ text messages and online chats!

With Keystroke capturing capabilities, eyeZy allows you to monitor all keystrokes registered on the target device. You can also remotely block websites that may not be appropriate for your children’s viewing—making it great parental control software!


  • Keylogger
  • Screen recorder
  • Website blocker
  • Browser Activity Monitoring
  • Files Finder

Verdict: Eyezy is the most elegant and discreet app you can find for monitoring your child’s phone activity. It doesn’t use any battery or logos, which means that it won’t mess up their device in anyway – perfect if parents want to keep tabs on what kids are doing while they’re not around (or employers).

Price: $9.99 for 12 months, $27.99 for 3 months, $47.99 for 1 month.


#6) ClevGuard

ClevGuard – Best for tracking children and employees’ activities on android, iPhone, and Windows devices.


ClevGuard is the perfect app to keep an eye on your children or employees when they are out of town. You can monitor their activities with this spyware and even take screenshots!


  • Location history
  • Spyware protection
  • Remotely check internet and email activity on PC
  • Capture screenshots and record calls
  • Geofencing

You can also use ClevGuard to monitor your children’s or employee activities on different devices. The app lets you see what they’re doing with their smartphones and Windows computers, including recording calls; taking screenshots of important information (like messages);and reading all social media posts that are sent through the monitored gadget!

Verdict: ClevGuard is a suite of applications that allow you to monitor your children’s activities on smartphones and Windows devices. The best feature about these apps are their affordable pricing, which makes them more budget-friendly than many professional spyware programs out there!


  • KidsGuard Pro for Android: Starts at $8.32 per month.
  • KidsGuard Pro for iOS: Starts at $9.16 per month.
  • KidsGuard Pro for iCloud Monitoring: Starts at $8.32 per month.
  • KidsGuard Whatsapp Monitoring: Starts at $7.50 per month.
  • ClevGuard Antispyware: $8.33 per month.
  • MoniVisor for Windows: Starts at 10.82 per month.
  • Trial: No | 30-day money-back guarantee.



XNSPY – Best for viewing photos, videos, and social media chats on your kids’ android smartphone.


XNSPY is a simple and fast Android monitoring software. The app allows you to keep track of the cell phone activities your children, such as call logs or social media browsing; it also has many other features including multimedia file viewing (even if they’re not open) & more!

XNSPY is a powerful Android monitoring tool that allows you to keep track of your child’s phone activities. It has lots of features, including call logs and social media surveillance! You can also remotely control their smartphone for added safety or wipe off data from the device if needed- all in one convenient app.


  • Call history
  • Watchlist Contacts
  • Monitor web browsing activities
  • View photos and videos on the smartphone

Verdict: XNSPY is an affordable app that gives you the ability to monitor your child’s smartphone from afar. It also includes remote control functions, making it perfect for parents who want peace of mind when they’re not able or willing enough themselves with their own devices!


  • Basic: Starts at $4.99 per month
  • Premium: Starts at $7.49 per month


#8) FlexiSPY

FlexiSPY – Best for monitoring emails, IM chats, and browser activity on android devices.


FlexiSPY is the perfect app for tracking your cheating spouse or monitoring kids when they’re out of town. The software can be used on any Android device and will allow you to track their every move (including location), record conversations with other people in real time using sound recording capabilities as well as monitor social media posts from afar!


  • Call logs
  • Keylogger
  • Remote control of smartphone
  • Social media and phone call recording (Premium & Extreme only)
  • Live streaming Phone (Premium & Extreme only)

Verdict: One of the drawbacks to this otherwise solid spyware app for Android is its high price tag. If you want similar features but at lower prices, consider checking out some other options in our list!


  • Lite: $29.95 per month
  • Premium: $68 per month
  • Extreme: $199 for 3 months


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