Instagram Private Viewer: Read Messages on Instagram Without Permission

Instagram Private Viewer: Read Messages on Instagram Without Permission

Last updated on 16 june 2022 by CellSpyAustralia

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Instagram is the second most used application, and while many users keep their profiles unlocked; there are those who want to have private accounts. As you already know if someone wants access your photos without following them first they would need ask for approval by sending a request through Facebook messages or emails–we can all admit sometimes out of curiosity just wanting see what’s up with someone else’s life! Well now thanks in part due our innovative feature which allows followers gain limited permission regarding viewing another person account – so long as it doesn’t go too far into privacy territory-and this solution will no longer leave.

Sometimes we want a glimpse at someone’s private photos without following them. But as you already know, if they don’t give approval to be followed in return for the request it can take up-to weeks or months before our request is fulfilled! That wait time might seem like an eternity when all those days are just sitting there waiting patiently until your curiosity gets too strong and then bam–you’re looking through their profile pics again but this time with no blocks preventing access whatsoever so please enjoy responsibly 😉

The solution for you is here! Now that Instagram has taken over the world, it’s important to be in on all of this action. But there are those who want a more private experience- whether they’re trying not create an identity or just enjoy privacy when looking at other people’s photos without following them first hand . Well we’ve got good news; now with our app installed onto your phone (and verification code sent via email), any time someone posts something new & interesting enough right inside their feed instead than waiting around anxiously until everyone.


WHY NEED PRIVATE Instagram Story Viewer ?

When it comes to changing the way your Instagram displays, there are many third-party apps that can help.

For example: MSPY Private Photo Viewer changes how you see images and videos on Insta in a more appealing manner than default setting does – for some people this might be enough change while others want something different entirely! Similarly with ProfileViewers who want their posts appearing differently from what’s currently available through Business Manager or Story Mode–they’re able do so because of these viewer options which give them control over exactly where they appear within each platform.

Among the new features are Insta profile viewers. These allow you to bypass certain settings on your own Instagram, and some MSPY PrivatePhotoViewer apps let users view private content without accessing Default account functions like commenting or liking posts – they’re usually called “private” because this type of application only displays photos from someone’s personal timeline (as opposed with public figures such as athletes who have wide audiences)
The web-based Viewers can be found easily through Google searches: simply enter “mspy instagram private viewer” into its search bar!


So, it doesn’t sit well with you that your partner has been spending too much time on Instagram lately, and you’re curious to find out why. As a parent, Instagram monitoring can help you keep tabs on what your kids are doing on one of the most popular social media platforms for teens and adolescents. Employers might also want to track their employee’s activities on Instagram to ensure their compliance with work ethics and professionalism, and to make sure no confidential information is shared online.

Data privacy is something that Instagram doesn’t take lightly, and the platform incorporates data security measures of the highest standard. But thankfully, there are also many ways to circumvent the privacy protections to gain unfettered access to your loved one’s Instagram account in secret. Some measures may require technical expertise and getting a hold of the target phone, while others are simply turn-key and function remotely.

In this article, we present the best, time-tested, and proven Instagram spy techniques that you can easily implement without any technical knowledge. Once you finish reading this guide, you’ll be able to spy Instagram accounts in a jiffy.


What Is an Instagram Spy App?

An Instagram spy app is designed to give you remote access to information about the Instagram activities on various phone models, from iPhones to Android, LINUX, Blackberry, etc. Once installed and activated on the target’s phone, users can use their own smartphone, tablet, or computer to monitor their targets’ Instagram activities at their convenience.

However, all Instagram spy apps are not created equal. For starters, most of these apps can only be installed through rooting or jailbreaking a phone, which requires some technical knowledge. You might find guides and tutorials on these techniques, but you might lack the patience and persistence to learn and practice. On the other hand, some Instagram apps may be simple to use but might have limited compatibility, allowing you to spy Instagram on a narrow range of devices. Another drawback can be the lack of robust features, and that can prevent you from monitoring the full range of a target’s Instagram activities. For instance, an Instagram spy app might give you access only to Instagram private chats.


It’s common for these challenges to come as a setback for those looking to learn how to track someone’s activities on Instagram. But thankfully, the easiest and the most comprehensive Instagram monitoring apps are always readily available to everyone. For a long time, these apps have helped countless users execute a host of Instagram spy functions stealthily and without fail.

What Can You See Using an Instagram Spy App?

Instagram spy apps serve up various tracking functions using principles and algorithms common among most tracking and spying apps. Instagram spy apps are installed on a target phone, either remotely or physically, where they work in the background mode to gather the information about the target’s Instagram activities. Each app comes with a unique feature stack – some more comprehensive than others. Therefore, what you can see using an Instagram spy app depends mostly on its functionalities.

Some might only allow you to have surface access, while others can open the gateway to unlimited tracking. The best Instagram spy apps allow you to see:

  • Direct messages, group messages, and comments
  • Tagged files like photos, videos, GIFs, etc
  • Voice messages
  • Shared map locations

The best Instagram apps also allow you to track activities on many other messaging platforms, from SMS to emails, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Viber, Telegram, Skype, and Snapchat. Some even provide you with instant access to incoming and outgoing calls.

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The Best Instagram Spy Apps for Android & iPhone


With a large arsenal of tracking functions and a highly-intuitive user interface, mSpy is one of the most widely acclaimed Instagram spy apps. It essentially places all the tools you need to monitor your loved one’s interactions right at your fingertips. It’s reliable, versatile, and flexible.

mSpy Instagram spy app is mostly used to access details of Instagram chats, shared files, and shared locations. But the app can do a whole lot more to help you investigate your loved one’s activities, including monitoring text messages, call records, emails, etc. mSpy is a highly effective tool because it reveals a wide array of details about each specific activity. For instance, when disclosing direct messages, it also reveals the date and time and shared multimedia files.

Key Features of mSpy Instagram Spy

  • Instagram message tracking: With this feature, you won’t miss out on any of your loved one’s conversations on Instagram. You can even go through records of older conversations that took place months before you began to spy Instagram. What’s more, you’ll get access to both group and private messages, and you’ll receive notifications about every single line of conversation dropped on the Instagram account.
  • Spy Instagram files: From images to documents, audio files, and other media files, mSpy gives you unfettered access to every file uploaded or downloaded through your loved one’s Instagram account. You’ll also get the meta-data of the shared files, including the timestamp, author, etc.

Other Important Features of mSpy Instagram App:

  • Snapchat Hack No Survey: With this feature, you can easily extend your surveillance to Snapchat. It gives you access to your loved one’s shared files, comments, and direct messages on Snapchat.
  • Skype Messenger Spy: This feature allows you to easily monitor your loved ones’ Skype activities behind their back without getting engrossed in technical mysticism.
  • WhatsApp Messenger Spy: mSpy Instagram spy app also allows you to cover your loved one’s activities on WhatsApp comprehensively. This feature gives you access to conversations and multimedia files shared on your partner’s Whatsapp account.
  • GPS Tracker: This feature reveals a whole lot about your loved one’s movements, including their live location and movement history. With it, you stand a much greater chance of obtaining evidence or catching someone in the act.
  • Keylogger Recording: The Keylogger feature allows you to record every key stroke on the device. With its help, you can get access to the passwords and codes the user inputs on their device. You will also be able to see the texts that were never even sent because the user changed their mind and erased them.
  • E-mail Spying: Keep tabs on your loved ones and also protect them from phishing and malware activities by monitoring their email messages. With this feature, you get unfettered access to your loved one’s account on popular email platforms including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Outlook, etc.

Pros of mSpy Instagram Spy App:

  • Allows you to monitor your loved one’s browsing and social media activities extensively from the comfort of your smartphone’s screen.
  • Monitors activities on several social media platforms, including Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Hike, Messenger, etc.
  • Comes with geofencing features that enable you to receive alerts whenever your loved one moves out of a designated area, for instance the area between her workplace and home.
  • A Keylogger feature that captures every single key pressed on your partner’s smartphone.


  • It’s not freeware. But it also comes with multiple subscription options, so you can pay only for the features you presently need the most.



One of the longest-standing phone tracking apps, MobileSpy is a tried and true Instagram spy app. It has helped countless users learn how to read messages on Instagram remotely without any technical skills. It’s fairly easy to install and comes with a noob-friendly user interface that allows you to execute various monitoring functions with the click of a few buttons.


  • Does not require any level of technical expertise, thanks to a neat user interface that’s easy to navigate.
  • Also comes with features for monitoring text messages, call records, and browsing activities.
  • GPS tracker that provides real-time and previous locations of the target.
  • In addition to Instagram, it also monitors activities on other social media platforms including Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, and Kik.


  • Does not work on operating systems other than Android.
  • Its tracking features are relatively basic compared to that of other Instagram apps


Another highly effective remote surveillance tool, SpyBubble gives you access to a target phone’s call logs, SMS, emails, browsing history, and social media activities. It basically runs in the background of the target phone, secretly gathering and transferring details of the target’s phone activities to a cloud-based platform, where you can log in to view them at your convenience. It also packs a punch of monitoring features to give you comprehensive coverage of the target’s phone activities.

Pros of SpyBubble:

  • You can literally cocoon in a ‘bubble’ while secretly monitoring activities on a target device remotely.
  • It gives you unlimited access to your loved one’s call logs, SMS, email, and social media accounts.


  • It lacks advanced features like listening in to calls.
  • It comes with a relatively high price.


With these tools, you can easily confirm or dispel any doubts about your partner’s fidelity. Sure, today’s technological advancements provide people with more ways of hiding secrets and covering their tracks. But you can also use technology to your advantage to uncover your partner’s tracks without her knowing it. The Instagram spy tools reviewed above can also enable you to protect your loved ones from online predators, scammers, and phishing activities, allowing you to see who’s trying to prey on your loved one’s naivety.

What’s more, you don’t need your loved one’s permission to assess their phone activities with these Instagram Spy apps. You also don’t need to learn any complex technical skills to spy Instagram accounts using these apps. Once installed, these apps go undercover to capture and send you information about your partner’s activities on Instagram and other messaging platforms.


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What is an Instagram spy app?

Instagram spy apps are software designed to give you access to someone’s Instagram account without the need to phone physically have the device near you. For some, you probably only need to touch the target phone just once in order to install the app, after which you’ll get all the information you need about the target’s Instagram activities through a cloud-based platform. But some others completely sidestep the need to physically access the target phone, from their installation to usage.

How does an Instagram spy app work?

The underlining mechanics of Instagram spy apps bear semblance to those of other tracking apps. First, the app is installed on the target’s phone either physically or remotely, after which the app stealthily transmits information about the target’s Instagram activities to a cloud-based dashboard, where you can log in to view on your device at your convenience. They don’t require your partner’s permission, and they obtain information without raising any suspicions.

Are all Instagram spy apps reliable?

Instagram spy apps differ in quality and sets of features and these factors determine their level of reliability. But some are outright malicious and can infect your system with malware and viruses. However, the ones we’ve reviewed in this guide have been tested over time and have proved to be highly reliable. You can rest assured that they’ll serve you impromptu and provide you with timely notifications about any of your loved one’s Instagram activities.

What is the cost of using an Instagram spy app?

The most reliable Instagram spy apps are indeed worthy investments. For a cost ranging between $15 – $70 a month, these apps allow you to use high-tech monitoring functionalities without any prior technical skills. mSpy’s pricing starts from around $20-30 per month (around $17 per month if you’re paying in advance for one year). The standard version of SpyBubble costs $49.95 per month to monitor one device. But you can try MobileSpy for free for 7 days.


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