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They’ve “removed every bit of code [they] can find that cheats for the player on the lower difficulties.” They’re looking to make XCOM more difficult and the alien invasion more realistic. Changes to Psi Perk tree (swap of Mind Merge and Neural Feedback) might require retraining in some cases. = Modify Mission Fatigue for XCom EW Long War (15e) = Author: Kvalyr ===== Long War includes a DGC multiplier for Fatigue (RAND_DAYS_INJURED_TANK) but it applies to all sources of fatigue (such as psi perks and genemods) and scales them the same as it scales base soldier fatigue. Modding is really easy once you figure out PatcherGui (see lw101 for guide) and some stuff, like camera tweaks, are essential imho. My campaign began challenging, but my initial settings nerfed the late-game more than they should; after surviving the first base assault and winning the air war (i.e. Long War. keeping your roster ready to deal with stuff is hard enough with just one of those things, Yeah - unlike most of the mods people use, this one actually would make LW2 much, much harder. I know why they are there, which is to prevent super soldiers from being fielded too often. Currently unsure they will be able to retrain it, but they can add it with console command GivePerk 100 or GivePerk PsiControl. D. The variable is mention somewhere is too.

Please report posts or comments with inappropriate content. When logged in, you can choose up to 12 games that will be displayed as favourites in this menu. ... XCOM:EU/EW. Look, these are perfectly fine countries who want to fight aliens, so consider them representative of two important world regions: Central America and the Balkans.) They’ve “removed every bit of code [they] can find that cheats for the player on the lower difficulties.” Infiltration works differently, though, by consuming soldier time BEFORE the mission, instead of AFTER it. I have seen multiple people say that 75 changes it some, but I don't want fatigue to last days, hours or a day at most. Should be a lot easier to use now. That is not the variable for fatigue. Aliens will now sometimes attack your interceptor bases, using a map previously available only to MP games. well, i changed that to 75, and i notice a change, lost 1day and some hours of fatigue. *I'm only not sure about UFO_LIMIT value, which manages continental panic increase per civilians killed, it's currently set to 0 as I don't know whether fractional values are accepted, if they are, setting it to ~0.4 would work better. http://www.reddit.com/r/Xcom/comments/2jf863/lwosx_defaultgamecoreini_edits_have_no_effect/. Thanks you to all, that second .ini file was what I missed. The infiltration mechanic added in LW2 effective replaces the fatigue system we used in LW for XCOM:EW (and I assume the XCOM 2 mod you reference is similar).

With LW the game is still very satisfying, and if you are unwilling to pay a huge sum for XCOM 2 and reluctant to play vanilla&then grind the LW, I'd say go with this. In Long War soldiers suffer from Fatigue. Air SloMo: http://www.reddit.com/r/Xcom/comments/37lezs/lw_modding_air_combat_slomo_settings/ All rights reserved. Although it changes a lot LW assumes you know the game and some scripted missions. by Pendrako » Sat Jan 21, 2017 3:04 am, Post

Added ini settings to set costs (meld, money and days in the tank) for genemods. Long War 2: Wild Speculation - Injuries and Fatigue. At least on Mac OSX. So I finally starting a play through with Long War beta 14.

Please help contribute to the Reddit categorization project, (LW) Passing XCOM:EW and starting with the Long War - Recommondations&Settings to use, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zUeHJ2RU1e0, http://ufopaedia.org/index.php?title=Second_Wave_%28Long_War%29, http://www.reddit.com/r/Xcom/comments/37lezs/lw_modding_air_combat_slomo_settings/. No, it can’t stack with CE (it uses the same resources, for one thing). by Pendrako » Sun Jan 22, 2017 3:01 am.

Player upgrading mid-campaign may want to adjust ini values to compensate. Brazilian soldiers will now get Brazilian names, rather than Spanish-based ones. Soldier hit points display in tactical UI will differentiate between armor/item HP bonuses and permanent HP. Added two cheap Base Security foundry projects, which will allow base security to automatically equip any spare laser rifles and phalanx armors during an XCOM HQ assault. what needs to be changed in DefaultGameCore.ini? Almost … I was reluctant because of notorious difficulty and grind of LW, then I learned about the Dynamic War option, but still couldn't bothered to spend 20 hours in vanilla EW. Long War is a mod designed for XCOM: Enemy Unknown with the expansion XCOM: Enemy Within that introduces more than 700 changes, large and small, to the vanilla version of the game. Premission squads are loaded blank. Long War. thanks. check them in a very useful wiki here : http://ufopaedia.org/index.php?title=Second_Wave_%28Long_War%29, I also used the following mods which made some stuff more forgiving&provide QoL changes. However, I find the Gene Mod and Psionic fatigue timers to be a bit gamey.

The complete feature list can be read on the next page. TAB Fix: http://pastebin.com/jrWECLyy Deputy Editor. Alien Missions can now take place in a bunch of new cities in council countries. XCOM Long War A full overhaul of the campaign, the Long War mod was such a massive success that the modders (Pavonis Interactive) actually worked together with 2K … VR Training: http://www.nexusmods.com/xcom/mods/569

Ideally, you should have several teams of soldiers ready at any given point. Log in to view your list of favourite games. Don't shoot Julian as he is the deputy. Long War EW 1.0 for Windows Jan 22 2016 Full Version 7 comments. save hide report. Changes to perk trees will not take effect for existing soldiers, as usual. 1.) 831. This means that you can take most missions that th… From what I understand, Firaxis coded in the Honduran and B-H flags in the texture that supplies flags to the back of soldier pawns, along with the 29 flags you are familiar with. Grants 10 aim worth of additional range for blaster launcher.

If you’ve been playing with an earlier version of Long War you won’t need to restart your campaign but it is recommended. There are also more player controls over the duration, compared to fatigue. So the custom file is modified for DYNAMIC WAR 0.5 with those in mind, a note on changes which may include very mild spoilers can be found below. Thanks for your explanation and your quick reply! I've been loving all the new addition to the game, but I'm currently having a problem with fatigue.

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