trader joe's uncured black forest bacon

But this is a great looking product, and except for the serving size (small serving sizes indicate hidden sugar!!)

Total Fat 5g. It had the hint of sweetness that you may have expected from the smell of the cooking, but there was no pepper in sight! And since this bacon uses Celery for the naturally occurring nitrates, this is required to be labeled as “Uncured”. Trader Joe's Uncured Black Forest Bacon. Silly? ( Log Out / 

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I was quite impressed with how it looked overall. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. It intrigued me, and I’ve been eyeing it for a few weeks.

It smelled peppery, and had an earthy undertone. The pros: Trader Joe’s Fully Cooked Uncured Bacon is as easy as can be. trader joes-un-cured-black-forest-bacon nutrition facts and nutritional information. One of the ways that I keep an eye on my bacon (pun definitely intended!)

I was, no surprise, quite excited to give this a try!

( Log Out /  So when I was at Trader Joe’s, I saw this uncured pack of bacon.

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At least, it does to me. Then, as the bacon cooks it gets darker, and you can pull it out when it reaches the optimal color. Dec 31, 2016 - Trader Joe's Uncured Black Forrest Bacon is meaty and delicious, just be prepared for it to be a bit darker than you might be used to.

This bacon, on the other hand, starts out so dark that coloring in the meat is deceiving during the cooking process.

This will now be our go to bacon.

Reviews (0) Reviews There are no reviews yet. I’m on the hunt for a brand that does that myself! But “Conventional” is conventional, and this package does not promise anything but. The packaging is impressive, and definitely carries with it a “Rustic” feel. Posted by Russ Shelly at 8:29 AM. You have to be careful with this bacon to make sure that you don’t overcook it. As long as you give the extra cook time, and pay close attention to how much you want it to harden before you take it off the heat, you will likely end up with a very pleasing result! Trader Joe’s Uncured Black Forest Bacon – A “The Bacon Project” Post, Trader Joe’s Uncured Black Forest Bacon – A “The Bacon Project” Post | Paleo Digest.

I cooked this slow, taking about 20 minutes of total cook time. Change ). It looked good and I’ve never bought uncured before. Bottom line: Trader Joe's Uncured Black Forest Bacon: 8.5 out of 10 Golden Spoons.

Sodium 240mg.

TRADER JOE'S UNCURED BACON ENDS & PIECES - Duration: 10:58. Amazing breakfast made by David - Uncured Black Forest Bacon served with homemade fried potatoes (with onions and peppers!) Dietary Fiber 0g Sugars 1g. As you can see in the picture, it is quite dark, and looks overcooked.

When I do my Bacon Project bacon, I often cook the meat slowly, giving the bacon plenty of time to reach my perfectly cook state, and plenty of time for me to notice that it’s there. Also there are some online retailers who claim to have products that are truly sugar free – but I haven’t branched my Bacon Project page out to online retailers just yet. The cons: This should not be confused with shelf stable pre-cooked bacon. It intrigued me, and I’ve been eyeing it for a few weeks. The Cons: Why do they sell it as a 12 ounce package? So I finally took the plunge, so to speak, and picked up one package of it. Your rating * Your review * Name. The flavors of the spiced, smoked meat danced around our palates in a way that we truly have not experienced before. Trader Joe’s Uncured Black Forest Bacon. Labels: breakfast, pork, really darn good.

Kind of a combination of sweet and peppery. Trader Joe's Black Forest Bacon Fresh Out of the Oven.

Cholesterol 15mg. Feel free also to enjoy its full value, too: we’re selling each eight-ounce package of Trader Joe’s No Sugar Dry Rubbed Uncured Bacon for $4.49, the best deal you’ll find on bacon like this anywhere.

Anyway, they do look pretty good and she says she’s lost a lot of weight from eating bacon.

Remember the rules of bacon: a manufacturer may put “0g” for carbohydrates, provided the serving size is small enough that the actual amount of carbs in that serving are less than 1.

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