quick keto meals on the go

And brands like Oloves and Pearls Olives make it easy to get your olive fix on the go.

These bacon-and-egg fat bombs are a great travel-ready breakfast or brunch. This next category of keto snacks on the go is another great alternative to greasy, high carb potato chips.

Obviously, their bread is off-limits, but there’s still plenty of low-carb fare to choose from.

See Jimmy John’s nutrition calculator here. In this Organic Valley uncured pepperoni slices package, a single serving is: Stash a package of these in your work bag and you’ll be ready to go no matter where you are. At The Daily Spice we provide short and sweet articles pertaining to everything and anything to help you spice up your life. It’s a great customizable snack (just experiment with your favorite spices) and is super easy to pack and go. Sure, you do your best to make keto meals and homemade snacks when you can, but if you’re running short on time and out on the road, sifting through nutrition labels to find foods you can actually travel with on keto can be a challenge. But if you’re only eating keto fast food on occasion, either for convenience or as an indulgence, you don’t have much to worry about — and you have a surprising number of good options. The animals are pasture raised outdoors and are never given antibiotics or added hormones.

Like Subway, any sandwich at Jimmy John’s can be ordered without bread.

Similarly, kale chips also have vitamin A and C, calcium, and iron, making them another great way to add more healthy micronutrients to your keto diet. I always skip on the rice and dairy, but sometimes I will add a scoop of black beans depending on how many carbs I’ve eaten that day. The salad bowl or burrito bowl is the way to go at Chipotle.

Eggs sound easy, but they can be frustrating if you’re not aware of these simple techniques for hard boiling eggs. Your body will thank you for it. Another keto snack you can enjoy without wrecking your weight loss efforts happens to be cake (seriously). Want another option? Burger King is a popular fast-food chain that also has some low-carb options. Even though we love wings on keto, I like to change it up a bit with these keto buffalo chicken meatballs! With so few ingredients, they are sure to become a fast favorite! In fact, there are plenty of low-carb vegan recipes that work perfectly into a plant-based keto meal plan. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Now with all those great summer activities comes the question of what you are going to eat. Spice things up with this salad that you can pack and eat anywhere. But that’s where these easy keto snacks on the go comes in. At Hardee’s, you can just order the Thickburger without the bun for the same experience. The unwich, which is a lettuce wrap sandwich, is a low carb option offered at Jimmy Johns. With pouches and small plastic to-go containers instead of heavy jars, you can take your olives with you and never dread messy oils or liquids spilling everywhere. Perfect Keto Bars were formulated for that. These little morsels are just divine. : 660 calories, 52g fat, 38g protein, 10g carbs, 2g fiber, 8-piece grilled chicken nuggets (2g net carbs), Cobb salad with grilled chicken and avocado lime vinaigrette (12g net carbs), Sausage egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, without the bun (2g net carbs), Bacon egg and cheese breakfast sandwich, without the bun (1g net carbs), Starbucks also has a wide variety of keto options, including both keto drinks and keto food. Sans bread, these little breakfast sandwiches make for a great snack.

If you’re willing to walk on the wild side a bit, you might want to check out this recipe. Also don’t forget the follow The Daily Spice’s keto board on Pinterest for more great keto recipes! But, as you may have also tried, making them does require a bit of time and effort. And no matter how much you love a good tortilla or bag of chips, avoid them if you want to keep your net carbs in check. Take your keto on-the-go with these keto travel meals! So if you want no-fuss keto snacks you can literally just grab, stash in your pocket or purse, and go, this list is for you. Eat immediately or store in the fridge in an airtight container for up to 5 days. Nutrient-rich seaweed snacks also contain vitamin A, B12, and vitamin C, along with iodine, calcium, and iron. They will keep you full for hours. And most of your diet should revolve around fresh high-quality protein, plenty of vegetables, and healthy fats. Cacao nibs are essentially pure chocolate. 1. Even unsweetened varieties have a light, delicate sweetness and a crunchy texture to satisfy your snack cravings. McDonald’s is a classic for quick and cheap fast food, and it’s no enemy to the low-carb diet if you simply toss out the bread. What are some tips you have for eating low-carb while traveling?

Does the Keto Diet Treat Depression?

The only downside is  that unwiches can be pretty pricey for the lack of bread. Even if you’re technically in ketosis, getting real, whole, nutrient-dense foods is the key to living a long and healthy life. This would go great on so many different things…endless possibilities. It’s like biting into bacon wrapped cheesy bread that’s soft and gooey in the middle and nice and crunchy on the outside. Ketones, Keto Diet These low carb mozzarella sticks are breaded with parmesan cheese instead of breadcrumbs, but they’re still delicious. In today’s world, eating a high-fat low carb lifestyle can be quite hard if you’re not preparing your own meals. Five guys come in second place. Please consult a qualified physician for medical advice, and always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider with any questions you may have regarding your health and nutrition program. The good news is, you can follow a keto diet anywhere (yes, even at fast food places) as long as you know what and how to order. Not only do they contain fat and protein, this delicious snack has zero carbs (normally, but always check the label first!). For a more keto-friendly option, try a Baconator, Double Stack, or grilled chicken sandwich without the bun. You can find these in almost every grocery store or gas station in a hurry. While you want to stay far away from KFC’s fried chicken, their grilled chicken is perfect for keto. I always order the big bacon burger, with raw onions, green peppers, jalapenos, mustard, on a lettuce wrap.

Surprise! Pack up a few of these and you’ll be enjoying a nice home cooked meal instead of being stuck with fast food or no food.

Because they’re made with real ingredients, their flavor is real and delicious. These healthier baked crisps are simple to make with minimal ingredients. This Cheese Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers Recipe will be your new favorite Stuffed Jalapeño Peppers Recipe. Fun Ingredients + New Places = Adventure! They have zero calories and are low in carbs, so pack a few in a ziplock bag and enjoy! There’s one option for a side here: green beans.

Can be made mild or super spicy.

These should just be quick snacks that hold over your hunger until you can eat a proper keto meal.

For dairy-free, you can add extra mayo to replace the sour cream. If you order a salad, avoid the ranch dressing — it has added sugar. Don’t have time to make your own low-carb flaxseed crackers? Full of delicious healthy fats. While coconut oil seems to steal all the spotlight on a ketogenic diet, you’ll want to make room for crunchy coconut chips in your low carb life too.

If you find yourself in one of the few states with an In-N-Out Burger, there are some delicious options you can order. What are the best keto snacks on the go? Fair warning, Quest cookies may contain 15g of protein each, but they range between 1-9g of net carbs depending on the flavor you choose (blame the raisins for the 9g). All the taste, none of the carbs. Leanne Vogel People, if you’ve never had zucchini cheese, you’re missing out! You can also add jalapenos for extra kick. Information is provided without any representations or warranties of any kind. Diet is no exception.

You can pack these tortillas and put whatever you want in them! Typical burger meals from fast-food restaurants are high in carbs due to their buns.

These simple keto Zucchini Tots make a great low-carb snack or side dish. Layer your favorite ingredients on top of a grid of lunch meat, roll and enjoy!

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